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24 Nov

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this kid since I was still a snotnosed virgin. He’s a true artist. If you fucks with Illustrate, I fucks with you, end of story. Hit the jump for his latest release, look for big things in the happening in 2011 from one of Long Island’s most respected ex-patriots.

Live @ Southpaw (photo credit notsure)


Curtis Is A Politician Now? Well He’s An Idiot, He’ll Fit Right In!

1 Apr

According to CNN’s blog, it matters who Curtis supports in the upcoming election. Obama could win this just because of Will.i.Am & Common (the turncoat sellouts they’ve turned out to be).

*For the record, almost half of the people in this picture taken only two years ago no longer have anything to do with G Unit. Mase, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, even Olivia have all dissolved ties and contracts with 50.

People Who Steal My Shit To Sell On Ebay Suck.

1 Apr

Oh yeah, I said it. In the last three weeks two cameras (One Minolta X-700 & a Kodak accordion circa 1960’s), three lenses (Two for my Minolta & one for my Nikon), one box of photo paper Ilford 8×10) as well as over sixty rolls of film have managed to disappear from my room that almost no one has access to. This, according to B & H tallies up to an astounding Eight hundred Eight Dollars and Eighty Six Cents, which goes without saying is eight hundred eight dollars and eighty six cents more than I have in my non existent bank account.

Legally I have absolutely no evidence to say otherwise from a crackhead sneaking into my house, but dare I say I’m pretty damn certain as to who it was. It’s not as if I decided to pawn off all of my shit out of desperation, no sir, even at my lowest I would never pawn off my cameras because they are part of me. I’m just waiting for my computer to disappear and then I’m calling the cops like I was the neighborhoods local snitch!