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24 Nov

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this kid since I was still a snotnosed virgin. He’s a true artist. If you fucks with Illustrate, I fucks with you, end of story. Hit the jump for his latest release, look for big things in the happening in 2011 from one of Long Island’s most respected ex-patriots.

Live @ Southpaw (photo credit notsure)


Throwback Fugees Style.

28 Aug

Reminds Me Of The 2004 Republican Convention…

28 Aug

Tear gas & Riot gear against unarmed civilians. 

Too Bad It Doesn’t matter what party you’re protesting,

It’s just that you ARE protesting that bothers cops that much.

Play that shit back & watch how swiftly they goup her right off the sidewalk.

JD Era – At Night

28 Aug

JD Era – At Night

Swaggered Completely from Shake. One of several dope emcees coming out of Canada as of late, JD Era goes in on Kid Cudi’s ‘Day ‘n’ Nite.”

Don’t Call It A Comeback!

28 Aug

Shine A Light On The World…


Back At It Bitches!! This blog from this point on is in the name & celebration of music, art, writing (sheer creation in general) & the pursuit of freshness! I was inspired to resurrect ‘thekidswereneveralright,‘ my old blog in an attempt to share my passions with as many people as possible. 

 Now more than ever my tastes and ideals are ever changing, revolving around my own primitive notion that everything has the capability to be called or even consitered “art.”  With that said, in the coming weeks I will begin showcasing & interviewing several artists, all from different perspectives, backgrounds, & mediums. I’m talking emcees, producers, photographers, painters, graph writers, ghost writersWHATEVER, if you got talent you fit the bill. I hope to make this site something of a stepping stone, the very center for which inspiration could be drawn and exchanged. 

So thank you for visiting Word Premier, feel free to add me to your blogroll, comment &/or email me.

-Moses Kush.

Bloggisizing on the Weekend? Blasphamy!

4 May

Why is it that no one blogs on the weekends? Understandably everyone should reserve the right to take a break from their work, even their hobbies on the weekends but for the love of god i need updates & new music on a daily basis. I consume far too much music to be content with minimal updates each saturday & sunday! So i say fuck it, if you don’t post during the weekends, i won’t visit your blog during the week you lazy bastards! (i’m just kidding bloggers you know i love you)

You’re to tell me that no new music pops up during the weekend? No musicians make asses of themselves on the weekend?

Throwback: Roots Crew – Proceed.

8 Apr

Amazing how different this track is when the perform it live, but i love how relaxed they are even as youngins.

Fly Like Paper Get High Like Planes…

8 Apr

New M.I.A. – Paper Planes. Sampled from The Clash’s track “Straight To Hell.”

Mos Def Throwback.

7 Apr

My Future Theme Song.

Not Too Sure About This, But its #1 in The UK So What Do I Know?

4 Apr