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No Words.

26 Nov


ErickArcElliott – Family Matters

26 Nov

Just gooped this from Obey’s feed.

ErickArcElliot – Family Matters

25 Nov

Erick (of the loveinus family)’s album Almost Remembered, dropping January 2011. Not only a fresh emcee, Erick’s at the helm of everything he does creatively. From audio production to song writing to graphic design, this is a man who know’s exactly what he’s going to do in the next few years. Big fucking things coming out of this Brooklyn native.

Do Your Homework.


24 Nov

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this kid since I was still a snotnosed virgin. He’s a true artist. If you fucks with Illustrate, I fucks with you, end of story. Hit the jump for his latest release, look for big things in the happening in 2011 from one of Long Island’s most respected ex-patriots.

Live @ Southpaw (photo credit notsure)

Reminds Me Of The 2004 Republican Convention…

28 Aug

Tear gas & Riot gear against unarmed civilians. 

Too Bad It Doesn’t matter what party you’re protesting,

It’s just that you ARE protesting that bothers cops that much.

Play that shit back & watch how swiftly they goup her right off the sidewalk.

JD Era – At Night

28 Aug

JD Era – At Night

Swaggered Completely from Shake. One of several dope emcees coming out of Canada as of late, JD Era goes in on Kid Cudi’s ‘Day ‘n’ Nite.”